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Aliexpress Nadula Hair Store Reviews

Nadula Hair is one of the top-rated human hair manufacturers who provide hair products of top notch quality. They supply products from renowned salons all over the world to small distributors and vendors. They are well-known for different textures, ...

2 Ali Annabelle Hair Official Store Reviews

Ali Annabelle Hair Official Store Reviews

Since 2015 the Ali Annabelle Hair Store started to sell hair extensions to ladies. It is part of the Aliexpress hair extension store, which is in turn part of the Alibaba Group. It serves many countries including Russia, Portugal, Germany, Brazil, ...

3 Aliexpress Ali Grace Hair Vendor Reviews

Aliexpress Ali Grace Hair Vendor Reviews

Women who use weaves have many concerns. Will it look good and natural? Or will the hairdo hold under humid conditions? These questions only scratch the surface of what women want their weaves to achieve. While there is a multitude of options when ...

4 Aliexpress Gossip Hair Store Reviews

Aliexpress Gossip Hair Store Reviews

Gossip Hair Store is one of the best ten hair vendors on They provide 100% authentic and natural hair to the customers. Their wigs and hair extensions are available in all sorts of designs and types, whatever one can be found on ...

5 Aliexpress BeYo Hair Store Reviews

Aliexpress BeYo Hair Store Reviews

BeYo Hair launched it official online store on Jan 2013. At Belo Hair, the material of the hairs is 100% original. They provide unprocessed, non-synthetic human hairs. They have climbed the charts and have become of the top vendors of hair products ...

6 Aliexpress RUIYU Hair Store Reivews

Aliexpress RUIYU Hair Store Reivews

When you are getting ready for any occasion or party, Undoubtedly you invest a lot of time on your hair to make sure that it looks perfect. When it comes to getting a perfect hairstyle, you try different products and wigs to make it look ...

7 Aliexpress Wonder Girl Hair Store Reviews

Aliexpress Wonder Girl Hair Store Reviews

The Wonder Girl hair store is a typical hair store dealing with Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair. They offer a wide range of hair closures, weaves, and wigs. This hair store has done extremely well for the past three years through their online ...

8 Aliexpress Huangcai Hair Store Reviews

Aliexpress Huangcai Hair Store Reviews

Many of us who are not endowed with right hair for our entire lifetime. Our hair starts falling for many reasons, and therefore we have to look for artificial hair to ensure that we look good and presentable. There are scores of such options ...

9 Aliexpress Ali Coco Hair Store Reviews

Aliexpress Ali Coco Hair Store Reviews

Ali Coco Hair Official Store is the best hair extensions store on This store provides you the range of hair products. It caters the customers from all over the world and has designed the hair products by keeping in mind the trends ...

10 Aliexpress Yvonne Hair Store Reviews

Aliexpress Yvonne Hair Store Reviews

Aliexpress Yvonne Hair Store is the ultimate store for new hair that makes the difference. Customers are not only people who want to have beautiful hair. They are also people who want to experiment with different hairstyles. That is exactly what you ...

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Best Aliexpress hair vendors of 2017

Buying Guide and Advice is probably the largest and most popular Business to Consumer marketplace in the world and has become an alternative source for buying weaves, hair extensions, and wigs online. If you are looking for the best Aliexpress hair vendors, there are many factors you need to consider. They include;

Quality and Material

Before you purchase hair extensions or weaves from Aliexpress, you need to find the best Aliexpress hair vendors and compare the quality and material. Aliexpress generally offers high-quality products as long as you diligently choose your vendor. Some customers have actually given lots of positive reviews regarding the quality of hair products available on the feedback fields. You will find a wide variety of top quality hair extensions (including 100% human hair) which prevent shedding and are highly durable. Thanks to their wide variety of quality hair extensions, you can find the right material to suit your particular style and natural hair. Some of the hair textures available on their website, but not limited to; Virgin Peruvian Hair, Virgin Malaysian Hair (which is quite popular with celebrities) and Virgin Brazilian Hair.

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Prices and Types

When buying hair on, you should compare the total price. To do this, try adding items from the hair vendor into the shopping cart, and then check the total price; this might include shipping, taxes and other additional fees. Compare different prices from best Aliexpress hair vendors to get the very best deal. You should also compare any extras offered by different vendors; some of the hair vendors offer discounts and free shipping, while others don’t.

That being said, it’s important to note that the price will depend on the type of hair. There are many hair types available at Aliexpress. Firstly for Indian which is very versatile and is available in numerous different textures. Secondly, for Virgin Malaysian which is highly durable and holds different styles pretty well, Virgin Brazilian blends well with the ethnic hair. Thirdly Virgin Chinese which is thick, sleek and can withstand extreme styling, and Virgin Peruvian which is light and soft.

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Best Aliexpress Hair Vendors

Once you’ve determined what you are looking for, you need to choose the best Aliexpress hair vendors. Take some time to check out the vendor descriptions for key details on hair type, hair length, quality, price, curl style, weight, place of origin, color, pictures of the product and much more. If you do not take the time to choose the best hair vendors on, you might end up with a product that is completely different from what you actually want.

Make sure the vendor you purchase has a high rating (crowns or diamonds) and an excellent feedback score (about 95% or above). Also, check reviews on the specific product you intend to purchase. A best Aliexpress hair vendors may have previous positive reviews on some other hair products, but the new item they’re offering might not be just as good. Moreover, you can search reviews from YouTube on various hair vendors and hair brands you are interested in buying. To get you started, here are the top 10 best hair vendors on

1. AliModa Hair Vendor
2. Rosa Beauty Hair Vendor
3. Nadula Virgin Hair Vendor
4. VIP Beauty Hair Vendor
5. Peerless Hair Vendor
6. Ms. Lula Hair Vendor
7. Ali Julia Hair Vendor
8. Longqi Hair Vendor
9. Unice Hair Vendor
10. New Star Hair Vendor

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Most Popular Hair Textures on

Virgin Brazilian hair is the most popular hair texture which customers usually choose on It’s thick, soft, shiny and very durable. This type of hair is also less likely to frizz as compared to other hair types because of its’ density. The density also means that you do not need as much of it as you would for other types of hair.

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Why Choose is not only the go to shopping site for hair buyers, but it’s also a marketplace that’s used by many businesses which operate in the vast hair industry to stock up on the affordable hair pieces. Its appeal mainly lies in the fact that the buyers can get quality products at reduced (wholesale) prices. Customers can also benefit from discounts and free shipping offered on various hair pieces. In addition to this, keeps buyer funds for a certain period, so that in the case of a dispute, you can ask for reimbursement

Reviews for the following hair vendors are added to our list (Sep 2017)

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Customer Reviews

  1. I love Iwish this hair! I’m definitely recommending it, and I’ll order every two months or every month from now on. I have three bundles of 12 inch; I cut it because it was a little longer than I wanted. And the communication was excellent as well.

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